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Year 4 Closure Home Learning

Friday 10th July 2020: Message from Mrs Law

Hello Year 4. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer holidays - one week to go! As you know, we have not been able to meet this term and spend time together as a class getting to know each other so below is a letter from me and an 'All about me' activity for you to have a go at. I have also completed the activity and you can have a look at the photograph on the document below. 

I am really looking forward to September - Miss Rees has already told me about how hard you have been trying with your home learning and I know we will have a positive, flying start to the year in September. Until then, have lots of fun, rest and relaxation and take care.

Mrs Law 

Letter from Mrs Law

All About Me Activity


Friday 10th July 2020

We are now entering our final week of a very strange school year! When we said goodbye in March, I don't think any of use thought that that would be goodbye until September.

I want to to thank you all for being so sensible and trying your hardest with you home learning. I have really enjoyed looking at the amazing efforts that you have been sending me over the weeks. I am really proud of you all. I am looking forward to spending some time with the you in September so we all feel have rounded off the year and you are settled and confident going to Year 5.

Thank you parents for all the support you have been giving the children in making sure they keep their learning going in challenging circumstances. 

Later on today, Mrs Law (Y5) will be adding a letter to this page with an 'All about me' exercise for the children to complete for her. Please look out for this and send it back to her Y5 email once complete.

As a joke (or three!) has always accompanied the home learning updates, I couldn't resist three final jokes:


I was trying to figure out how lightning works.

Then it struck me.


What do you call a magic labrador?

A Labracadabrador


Why was the Pharoah so confident?

Because he Sphinx he's the best



Wishing you all a wonderful Summer. Take a break and enjoy some well-earned fun! 

All the best 

Miss Rees


Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Hello all! Nearly there now! As the end of term approaches, more “fun” activities are creeping into the Home Learning! I have had some requests for more Maths activities like the Magic Square activity set in Mathletics as that seemed rather popular!

This is the work for the whole week.

Jokes for the week:

What object is king in the classroom?

The ruler!


What did the ghost teacher say to his class?

Look at the board and I’ll go through it again!


Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?

It’s okay. He woke up.


This week there is no specific order to the Maths tasks. They are all fun “end of term” puzzle activities based on what we have learnt this year or encouraging you to think logically.

Roman Numeral Cross Number-   ANSWERS

Fractions of Quantities MazeANSWERS

The Moji Road Trip Maths Mystery Game  - ANSWERS Most of the clues have been covered in Home Learning. Click here for a reminder video on Factors which we covered in class. 

Remember, multiples are really just extended times tables. So, for example, multiples of 3 are numbers in the 3 times table – 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, etc.

Coded Hundred Square -  you could complete this as an interactive activity by clicking here. Or click here for a printable version. ANSWERS

For an extra challenge, could you write an explanation of how you used your knowledge of place value to solve the puzzle. Once you have written your solution click here for some sample solutions written by other children.

Summer Holiday Codebreaker (answers included)

Extra Challenge

Swahili Numbers - ANSWERS



Task 1: Using your plan from last week, write your discussion text on zoos. Use this prompt to help you organise your work. If you would like to send me your work, I would love to read it as this is the final piece of extended writing of the year.

Task 2: Read the information on Sir David Attenborough and answer the questions.

Task 3: Look at this Powerpoint then get creative!


Click here for the spellings list for this term. As we do in class, write a sentence for each word.


We need some extra History to get all the information we need in! I hope you are enjoying the History, it is my favourite History topic. This is 2 weeks’ worth of work, aim to finish by Thursday 16th July – the end of term!

After Elizabeth I died, a new dynasty took over. Elizabeth I died without having children so the crown passed to James I (James Stuart - James VI of Scotland, James I of England). James was related to Elizabeth through her Aunt Margaret, Henry VIII’s youngest sister. Margaret married the Scottish King. James wasn’t a particularly popular King, it was James whom Guy Fawkes tried to kill on 5th November. If you are interested, you might like to do some independent research on the Gunpowder Plot.

When James died his son, Charles I, inherited the throne. He was also unpopular, this unpopularity led to the Civil War. One group of people, the Roundheads, wanted the King to be removed from the throne. Another group, the Cavaliers, wanted to keep the King. Watch “The Civil War Compilation” from Horrible Histories. 

Look at this sheet and decide which statements belong with the Roundheads and which with the Cavaliers.

We are going to jump quite a few years now! You might like to have a look at the Royal Family Tree  between the Civil War and Queen Victoria, it involves a lot of Georges! You might enjoy the “Four Georges, Born to Rule” song on Horrible Histories to fill the gap! 

The next key monarch we are going to look at is Queen Victoria. Look at this information Powerpoint and use it to create a factfile about her.

Use an atlas or online searches to identify the counties which were part of the British Empire and complete this “Mini Book”. The Victorian era was the age of Empire, Britain had control of a large part of the world. It is interesting to see just how much of the world was part of the British Empire.

Moving on. Queen Victoria has lots of children! Her son, George V, became King. He had two children, Edward and George. When George V died Edward VIII became King, however he was in love with an American lady called Wallis Simpson. She had been divorced and so Edward, as King, was not allowed to marry her. Edward decided he loved her too much so he abdicated, that means he decided he didn’t want to be King. He chose to marry Wallis Simpson instead of being King. His younger brother, George, became George VI. George VI is our current Queen’s father.

Have a look at the modern Royal Family tree. 

Click here for your task. Match the picture to the name. 

Extra fun bits



Week Beginning Monday 29th June

Hello all! We are welcoming in July with some lovely weather and interesting thunderstorms! I don’t know about you, but I have had some bizarre weather! Hail stones and sunshine at the same time! We are in the home stretch! Keep going with the home learning, you are all amazing! Keep motivated! You are learning the valuable skills of managing your own time; knowing what you need to do and organising your week to do what you need to do! This will give you a real advantage in the future! You may not see it now but I promise it will! We all have to see the positive in everything!

This is the work for the whole week. Due to some people telling me that sometimes Word files do not display properly on a tablet, all tasks are now saved as PDF files for easier viewing on tablets.

Jokes for the week:

What does it take to make an octopus laugh?

Ten tickles


Why did the two 4s skip lunch?

They already ate.


Who invented fractions?

Henry VIII


Task 1- Ultimate division challenge ANSWERS

Task 2Roman Numerals to 20 information      Activity     ANSWERS 

Task 3 - Roman Numerals to 100- ANSWERS

Task 4 Roman Numerals Hundred Square ANSWERS

Extra ChallengeComplete the multiplication grid jigsaw – make sure you hide the answer page! No peeking!



Task 1: Look at what you did last week on children using laptop in schools. Choose one statement for and one against and write a paragraph for each. Keep the focus. Look at the statement. Everything you write must relate to that one statement.

The next tasks are building up to writing a discussion text. This is linked to the Science we were doing before we began electricity.

Task 2: Background information

Zoos are a controversial subject. Some people believe they are a good thing, and some feel they are not. Click here for some positive and negative statements about zoos. Read the statements, identify whether they are for zoos or against them and sort them under two headings – For and Against.


Task 3: Background information

Spend some time researching zoos. What might you need as background information for an introduction paragraph? Click here for a prompt sheet on what to find out.  

Task 4: Planning

Look back at the statements you sorted in Task 2. Choose 2 “For” and 2 “Against” which you feel you could write about in more detail. Think about what you might include to support each view. Do not write a paragraph! Make some notes only; you are planning. You are going to write your piece next week.


Click here for the spellings list for this term. As we do in class, write a sentence for each of your spelling words.



Have play! Create your own circuits! Think about what all circuits need. If your circuit doesn’t work, why not? Do you need more batteries? Fewer bulbs? How many bulbs can you get to light up? Spend some time. If you aren’t sure what a symbol means, hover your cursor over it and it tells you. I have had one person say they have had trouble accessing the site, I have redone the link and I had it working in school and at home! You might need to enable Flash. Please let me know if you have a problem, if lots of you have issues I will change the activity. 27/6

You might also try this site.



Henry VIII had 3 children. His son Edward VI became King after him. He was still a child when he became King, he was only 10 years old! Unfortunately he died before he could really rule the country. His eldest half-sister Mary became Mary I. She was not a popular queen mainly because of her religion, she was a Catholic. Watch this Horrible Histories Song about Mary I. When she dies her younger half-sister Elizabeth became Queen.

Look at this Powerpoint about Elizabeth I, then answer the questions.



Look at the Powerpoint about Catholics and Protestants. Complete the activity on the first slide. Then look at these statements sort them into which are Catholic ideas and which and Protestant. You can either print them and cut and stick or you can copy them under the appropriate headings. You might also want to use this information sheet to help.


Extra fun bits

Ride and Learn

Take a virtual ride on some of the rides at Disneyland Paris:

Space Mountain

Thunder Mountain 

Indiana Jones

Harry Potter

Watch some famous people read chapters from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.


Take a Quiz!

Visit this site and try some quizzes. 


Week Beginning Monday 22nd June

Hello all! Thank you for the work I have been lucky enough to have seen this week, you are doing some amazing work at home and I am thoroughly enjoying seeing it! Keep emailing it to me! Don't forget to send a quick message if I haven't heard from you for a while!  Also, check out the “Virtual Millionaire Board” on the school website, I can see lots of Year 4s have been reading and quizzing!

This is the work for the whole week.

Jokes for the week:

Are monsters good at Maths?

No…..unless you Count Dracula.


How do you get warm in a cold room?

Just stand in the corner. It’s always 90 degrees.


I’d never go on a date with an apostrophe.

They’re too possessive.


Task 1- multiplication practice ANSWERS

Task 2missing numbers multiplication ANSWERS

Task 3 - ‘Multiplication Challenge’ questions -  ANSWERS                            Answer to additional question

Task 3 may take you a little longer as some of the questions involve investigating and explaining. For some of the questions you might have to try a few different strategies or ideas before you solve them. They are not all “get the answer, move on” questions, you may have to spent a chunk of time before you get the answer.


We are going to look at “Discussion Texts”. How to create a balanced argument. A balanced argument in when there are 2, or more, possible viewpoints and you have to consider all sides.

Task 1: Read the information sheet explaining the features of discussion texts. This text includes examples of each feature. The features are colour-coded.

Task 2: Read the WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) text. Using the features list on the final page of Task 1, what features can you spot? The answers are on the final pages so please don’t scroll down and look until you have had a go yourself. Spend some time looking carefully at the answers and reading the explanations. You might like to share this with an adult.

Task 3: Look at the statements for and against children using laptops in school, either print, cut and stick under the heading for/against or copy them into your book under those headings.

Task 4: Look at what you did in Task 3. These statements would form the first sentence of each paragraph. They are the key point of the paragraph. Use this wordbank to select a conjunction to go in front of each sentence to link them.


Click here for the spellings list for this term. As we do in class, write a sentence for each of your spelling words.



Watch the clips on this BBC Bitesize page. They explain electrical circuits and the symbols used when drawing electrical diagrams.

Then look at these circuit diagrams. Some will allow the bulb to light up and some won’t. Identify which work and which don’t and explain when they do/don’t.

Optional Task: Cut out this puzzle then, research what each symbol means and complete the jigsaw. ANSWERS  


You will already know that Henry VII was the winner of the Battle of Bosworth. He took the throne from Richard III. Henry VII was the first Tudor King. Now Henry VII had a very famous son…..Henry VIII.

Watch the Horrible Histories Special on Henry VIII, you can view the whole episode on BBC Iplayer/On Demand until 8th July. If you want to watch on your tv, search for series 6 episode 5. 

Look at this powerpoint on Henry VIII, then create an advert for his new wife. Use this prompt to help you. I like this task and I would love to see your adverts!



Look at this Powerpoint on Tudor portrait. Follow the step by step guide to drawing a portrait. You might like to have this printable version of the instructions.


Extra fun bits

Horrible Histories

The whole of Horrible Histories Series 6 is now available on demand until 8th July. You might like to watch this series as many of the episodes are specials focussing on a specific King or Queen. Search for series 6 on your tv on demand service or on Iplayer. The ones to definitely watch are:

Episode 2 - Wicked William the Conqueror

Episode 3 -  Mardy Mary Queen of Scots

Episode 5 - Horrid Henry VIII

Episode 7 - Georgeous George III

Episode 10 - Tricky Vicky

Episode 11 - Orrible Oliver Cromwell


Virtual Tour of Hampton Court

Go on a virtual tour of Henry VIII’s palace at Hampton Court. Zoom in on the roof, can you spot the little faces looking down? Look really carefully! These are called eavesdroppers. Can you find out why? See what Google can tell you!

Week Beginning Monday 15th June

Hello all! I am really disappointed not to be seeing you all before the summer holidays, but I am looking forward to spending some time with you in September before you move to Mrs Law in Year 5. Keep motivated and keep learning! As previous weeks, please do the Maths tasks in order, the other subjects you can choose! There is no set day to complete each task, it is entirely up to you how you organise your time.

This is the work for the whole week.

Jokes for the week:

Where do books hide when they are scared?

Under the covers.


I want to tell you about a girl who only eats plants.

You’ve probably never heard of herbivore.


What do you call a number that can’t keep still?

A roamin’ numeral.


Task 1 ANSWERS       The answer to question 1 is 224, not 274 because 50x4 is not 250, its 200! This will be corrected after school today.






Re-watch this clip 

This week’s English is an extended piece of writing. It may appear as if you only have one task, but that one task should take you all week, it definitely should not be finished in one day!

Your task is to write a persuasive piece to encourage people to avoid products which contain non-sustainable palm oil. Click here for a prompt.

Click here for a checklist of the things to include.

Click here for some persuasive vocabulary to help you.

Click here for a persuasive word mat.

Step by Step

Step 1: Write a first draft, then leave it! You can handwrite or type it. 

Step 2: The next day, reread your work and edit and improve.

Step 3: Write up a final, polished, perfect draft.

If you would like me to see your first draft, please email it to me

You may also like to send me your final draft to read, I would love to read any work you would like to send.


Click here for the spellings list for this term. As we do in class, write a sentence for each of your spelling words.



We have now finished our Science unit (there is one more piece of work, but that is a piece of extended writing and I didn’t want to give you two long pieces of writing in the same week!) The next unit is a little tricky to do as home learning as it needs lots of resources that we have in school. However, we can look at some elements then use BBC Bitesize to cover the parts we need equipment for.

We are now looking at electricity.

Click here and sort the items into those that are electrical and those that are not.

Click here and sort the items into those that use batteries and those that run off mains power. Remember to think about where you might put rechargeable electronics.

If you are unable to print, you may choose to list the objects in a table under the appropriate headings.


Read this information sheet about the events leading up the Richard III’s reign. Look at the Powerpoint about Richard III. Look at the arguments for and against him murdering his nephews. What do you think? Did he kill them? Write a short paragraph giving your opinions and justifying it.

Now read this.

Now complete this Reading Comprehension.

You might like to watch this Horrible Histories clip as a little light relief!!


Complete this online French Lesson on BBC Bitesize. Follow the lesson through and select one, or more, of the activities to complete. 


Extra fun bits

Blue Peter

Could you earn yourself a Blue Peter badge? There are lots different colour badges, which might appeal to you? Some of the English Home Learning could be used to apply for a green badge……I like the look of the 2020 Sport badge, it looks fun to complete and the badge itself looks pretty! 

Escape Room

Make your own escape room using this kit 

You can also check out the escape rooms that other children have done! 

Ticket to Ride

Make your own game! You can download, print and create your own board game! It is a stay at home version of the popular game “Ticket to Ride”

There are actually a lot of “Print and Play” games!  I quite like “Timeline” and “Dobble”


Week Beginning Monday 8th June

Hello all! As last week, please do the English and Maths tasks in order, that’s really important, as one task builds on and moves on from the previous one. The other subjects you can choose! There is no set day to complete each task, it is entirely up to you how you organise your time.

This is the work for the whole week.

Jokes for the week:

Why did the scarecrow win a big award?

Because he was outstanding in his field


What gets wetter the more it dries?

A towel


How do pickles enjoy a day out?

They relish it.


Some of you will be please to know we are nearing the end of fractions now!

Task 1a

If you have been finding the equivalent fractions tricky, you might prefer to do this online BBC Bitesize lesson to help you. There is an instruction video and some tasks to complete.

Task 1b

If you have been happy with the fractions work so far and feel confident about finding equivalent fractions click here for your task. ANSWERS

You do not have to do a and b. You decide how you feel about finding equivalents.

You could also try this challenge task.


We are now moving away from fractions. In preparation for the next set of Maths learning, some multiplication practise would really help you! The next few tasks are all times tables related. If know your tables really well, you could time yourself to add an extra challenge.

Task 2

Click here for your task – The Ultimate Times Tables Challenge! ANSWERS

Task 3

Click here for your task – The Ultimate Missing Number Challenge! ANSWERS

Task 4

Click here for your task – Multiplying by a Multiple of 10! ANSWERS



Task 1

Watch this clip This is an animation of the poem you read last week. This was the Christmas advert for Iceland supermarket. This advert was actually banned, why do you think it might have been banned? Discuss this with someone at home. Look at the questions on the Guided Reading card and either discuss them like we do in Guided Reading or answer them in your book.

Task 2

Answer these questions.

Task 3

Part 1 - List the key reasons that someone might think palm oil should be banned. You might like to do some extra research. List at least 3 and explain your thinking.

Part 2 –Write a short paragraph persuading the person responsible for your bedtime to let you stay up late! Give all the reasons you should (all my friends have a later bedtime, you wouldn’t want me to be different?), think of all the things you will do in return (if you let me stay up tonight, I will go to bed extra early tomorrow) etc. Have some fun!


Click here for the spellings list for this term. As we do in class, write a sentence for each of your spelling words.



Look at the information you collected last week. You are now going to write a newspaper article using that information. This will be your second newspaper report! Remember the features, you need a headline, a 5ws sentence and it needs to be organised into columns. Make sure you don’t just repeat the facts, you need to comment too. Give the factual information and comment on it – it is a fact that lots of medicine comes from plants in the rainforest….so what would the problem be if the rainforests were destroyed?

I’d love to read your report if you would like to email it to me.

Template to print and write on

Template to type onto



Watch the Horrible Histories song (sorry grown-ups, you will be humming that song for days!!!!!) It’s about the Magna Carta (it was made for the 800 years celebrations in 2015, so technically the lyrics should be “805 years….!) What was the Magna Carta? Why is it still considered to be an important document? Find out more about the Magna Carta and present your findings in a way of your choice. You might want to do a fact page, a Power Point, an extended piece of writing, a poster (but one with more writing than pictures!!!), it is up to you.


Complete this online Music Lesson on BBC Bitesize. Follow the lesson through and select one, or more, of the activities to complete. 


Extra fun bits

30 Days Wild

The Wildlife Trust have started their annual “30 Days Wild” Challenge, talk to an adult about signing up. 

Explore Warwick Castle

Take a virtual tour of Warwick Castle in 3D! 

The Ikabog

J.K. Rowling is putting a chapter of a fairy-tale she wrote (before Harry Potter and nothing to do with Harry Potter!) about the Ikabog! It has its own website, read and enjoy the story. However there is also a competition….the book is being published in November and J.K. Rowling would like it to be illustrated by children who have been working from home during lockdown! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of you produced a winning illustration?



Week Beginning Monday 1st June

Hello all! Now that some year groups have returned to school, Home Learning will be uploaded on a Friday ready for the next week. Please do the English and Maths tasks in order, that’s really important, as one task builds on and moves on from the previous one. For the other subjects, you can choose the order you do them in! There is no set day to complete each task, it is entirely up to you how you organise your time. This is the work for the whole week.

Jokes for the week:

What kind of tree fits on your hand?         A Palm Tree


A boat carrying red paint has crashed into a boat carrying blue paint.

The crew have been marooned.


A gang has been caught making counterfeit Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts.

Police say they are exceedingly good fakes.



Task 1

We are returning to equivalent fractions. Remember you have the fractions wall to help you. Look at the game and plan your route from the start to the finish. Remember to explain how you knew the next fraction was larger. The explanation is important, being able to explain shows you understand. It is not all about getting across, explain and prove your route.  Mathletics has been set. Click for answers

Task 2

Click here for the first part of the task. Read the information before you start and remember to use the fractions wall to help. Then click here for the next part. If you can print, then print and cut out the cards and match the fraction to the diagram. If you can’t print, don’t worry, you can sketch the diagrams and write the fraction besides it. 

Part one answers

Part two answers

Task 3

Watch these clips about equivalent fractions to help you understand.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Then click here for your task 

As there is an element of individuality to this task it is tricky to provide an answer sheet. If you would like me to look at your work, then I am more than happy for you to email it to me. 

Times Tables

Remember to keep working on your tables. You are all working on a different times tables, you know which tables you know well and which you need to either learn or practise more. This website is very good to use to practise.



Task 1

Read the information and then answer the question based on the text. Click here

Task 2

Click here for the task. The poem you need for step 1 is here. (Some adults at home may recognise that there is a video of the poem, please do not watch it yet. I would like you to wait until next week – there’s a master plan!)

Task 3

Reread the poem. Think about when we do our performance reads in class; this task is practise, learn and perform the poem for your family. In Year 4, you need to learn and perform a poem by the end of the year!

Remember to:

Consider which words you might emphasise (say more loudly, say quickly, say slowly etc.)

Speak slowly

Speak loudly

Speak with expression (vary your voice – high, low, quieter, louder etc.)

If someone at home could video your final performance, I’d love to see it! - I have recorded my version..... you share your versions and I'll share mine! ;-) 


I am sure you have been working hard to learn the Spelling Bee words before half term (see Monday 4th May task). Have a little Spelling Bee at home, ask an adult to “test” you. Start at list 5 and see how far you can go.

It might be fun to see if you can write a sentence with each of the Spelling Bee words…..



Have a look at the quick recap of food chains.

You have a choice as to where you go next in Science.

Look at idea 1, idea 2 and idea 3 making sure you read the fact sheets carefully. Select one which interests you personally and find out a little bit more about it using the internet. Make some brief notes to help you later.



Watch the Horrible Histories song about William the Conqueror. If you are able to, you could watch the whole of Series 6 Episode 2 of Horrible Histories – in fact, series 6 is a very useful series in general! Then visit this website and follow through the story of the Battle of Hastings. Then go to this part of the website and select one of the activities to complete. 

I would suggest:

Create your own Bayeux Tapestry Interactive

Put the events of the Bayeux Tapestry in order

What does the Bayeux Tapestry tell us about William the Conqueror?

If you want to do all the tasks, then please do! 


Click here for the art task.


If you would like some additional learning, or if you would like some help with the tasks this week, visit the Oak Academy.


Extra fun bits

Try some Shakespeare

Watch the pink and white cuddly rabbit reading Shakespeare! It made me laugh! This speech is from Much Ado About Nothing. What is the play about? Which character performed the speech?

The Name Game

Pick your specialist subject:

Harry Potter Characters

Disney Characters

Can you think of a character for every letter of your name?

Brain Train

Talk to an adult, if you have an apple device, download the “Lumosity” Brain Training APP. It’s brilliant! Both Mrs Aliwell and I have been testing it over half term and comparing results via email! It’s free! It improves your vocabulary, maths, spatial awareness, memory and it’s great fun! I have checked and it is also available on Android. I love the Maths and Language games!


Friday 21st May 2020

Hello all!

Joke of the Day:

There are three types of people: those who can count and those who can’t.



Click here for the answers to the last task. There is also an explanation as to how to get to the answers.

Equivalent Fractions Revision - Use the fractions wall to help you list as many equivalent fractions as you can. Remember equivalent meets the same as.

e.g 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, 4/8, 5/10, 6/12

When you have listed them, can you spot a “rule” for any of them? What is the rule? Can you test your rule? Can you name any equivalent fractions which aren’t included on the fractions wall?


A SPaG activity today! You will need a dice! Click here for the task.


Remember the work we did on food chains before we finished? Consider this food chain.

Answer the question relating to the food chain.


Extra fun bit – Virtual Trip

I have wanted to do this for ages and was planning to go next week if lockdown hadn't happened! Go on a virtual tour of “Mail Rail” in London! I cannot wait to able to really do this!


Also....I have newts in my tiny pond! I am rather impressed by my newts! Have you ever seen a newt before? Click here for a video.


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello all!

Jokes of the Day:

Thank you for explaining the word “many” to me.

It means a lot.



Click here for today’s task. Use what you have been looking at for the past few Maths lessons to help you. Go back and look at the explanations. Remember…..divide by the denominator (bottom number) then multiply by the numerator (top number)

I do try and give the answers on the day….this time I would prefer to provide the answers on Friday. Parents….if you would like the answers today, please drop me an email and I will send them!


Consider the letter you wrote last week. If you were to add an illustration to your letter, what would it be? Re-read your letter and draw a picture to reflect what you have written. I should be able to identify how the illustration matches your text.


So, we should be returning from Irthlingborough today……take some more time on those outdoor activities from Monday. The weather is set be lovely….put some suncream on and a hat on and try some more of the outdoor activities! If you have your own outdoor activities go ahead!


Extra fun bit – Origami!

I had an email from the British Museum today with some great ideas! Try some origami based on famous Japanese prints!


Monday 18th May 2020

Hello all!

Joke of the Day:

I tried writing with a broken pencil, but it was pointless

As today should have been the day we were going on the residential, I know many of you will be feeling disappointed this morning. In light of this, I have set a different range of activities for today as a one off. There are lots to choose from, select the ones that appeal to you!

Normal Home Learning will resume on Wednesday!

  1) Play “Irthlingborough at Home Bingo” – discuss with an adult first!

 2) Go Outside!

  a) Have a look at the National Trust “50 things to do before you are 11 ¾” list and see how many you can try (some you can’t yet, but you might have already done them!) Check out the website for more information.

   b) Have a look at the Woodland Trust website for some fun outdoor activities to try. These are my favourites:

Make Natural Art: Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture. Please make sure you don't pick wildflowers, however, as they are important for wildlife and some are protected by law.

You could even use the objects as 'stampers' or paintbrushes - dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects.

Make an animal or forest out of Lego: Make something inspired by nature. You could all work together to make one big scene, like a springtime woodland or a giant tree. Or you could have a contest to see who can build the best minibeast, mammal or bird.

Write a story inspired by woods and trees: Use one of these story ideas to write your story. You could also jot ideas on scraps of paper before you start and maybe sit in the open air to write so you have inspiration all around you!

  • A tree has fallen in the woods…
  • A character has gone missing…
  • An animal is shouting an alarm call…
  • There are some mysterious footprints to follow…



Blisworth has been registered in the 'virtual school games'.

Every Monday, three sporting themed challenges are launched themed around a particular sport for children and their families to try at home. The activities use little to no sports specific equipment and they are completely free to join in with.

Click here for the information

 As the children take part, families need to log their activities via the website. For every activity logged, Blisworth receives a Virtual School Games Participation Point. At the end of the week (Sunday evening), the school with the most points in one of 4 different categories is crowned the Virtual School Games Champions in that sport. For the individuals, they are also awarding some spot prizes to those who demonstrate one of the School Games values. The focus is very much around being active rather than scoring the highest or best score.


Friday 15th May 2020

Hello all!

Jokes of the Day:

The future, the present and the past walked into a bar.

Things got a little tense.



Click here for today’s task with the explanation. We are considering fractions of measures.

Click here for the answers


Look again at your plan. Today you are going to write your letter containing your own wishes for the world in the future. Click here for more information.


Mrs Bird has asked you to Watch an episode of Peppa Pig in French and see how much you can understand. 


Extra fun bit – Go technology free!

Have a look at these “25 fun things you can do without a computer screen”. There are lots to choose from! Which appeal to you? Choose some to have a go at!


Wednesday 12th May 2020

Hello all!

Jokes of the Day:

I’ve got a new job working shifts making chess sets.

I’m on Knights next week.



Click here for today’s task with the explanation. This is a little more practise of exercise 2 from Monday.

Click here for the answers

Mathletics has been set; I have had a look at how you have been doing with the Mathletics tasks, well done you have been working hard. If you are someone who knows they have a little catching up to do, please have a look.


Think about the clip again. (see below) Today you are going to plan your own letter containing your own wishes for the world in the future. Click here for more information.


Continue with the task from Monday.

Extra fun bit – Learn a new skill

Learn to play chess! Scroll to the bottom for lesson 1, work your way through! There is a YouTube tutorial for each lesson, a worksheet and a quiz.