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Year 1 Home Learning

Friday 10th July 2020

A message from Miss Mazzone!

Hello Year 1!

Miss Mazzone here. I am so excited to meet you all in September. I know you will have some time with Mrs Botterill  before coming to me in Year 2, but we will then have the rest of the academic year to share an exciting learning journey together. I have attached a letter and an 'all about me' page so that you can get to know me a little bit before you join my class. I have also set you a little 'get to know me' task so that I can learn a little bit about you. I am very excited to see what you send me and can't wait to meet you all properly. 

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I will see you in September! 

Miss Mazzone :)

Quote: A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be- Winnie the Pooh

Y1 letter

All about Miss Mazzone


Friday 10th July 2020

Can you believe it - we have just one more week left of this school  year. It has been one of the most unusual years - ever! Who would have thought it - how a global pandemic would affect every aspect of our lives so much. We have all had to find new and creative ways of doing (almost) everything!

Throughout all of this, can I just say how amazing you have all been in adjusting to staying safe at home and learning remotely from home.

Thank you children, from the bottom of my heart,  for working so hard on the  tasks and activities I have set and continuing to learn. Thank you for working so hard with your grown-ups on tasks they have set you:) I am so so proud of you all. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing everyone in September;  all together again  - even for a short while before you move up to Year 2 :)

Thank you parents, from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to help me to teach your children. I'm sure it hasn't always been easy but I'm sure you'll agree it can be very rewarding. Thank you for your honesty, compassion and diligence. Thank you also for keeping in touch so well by sending regular photos, messages and emails. It has been a highlight to see what the children were up to!  

Later on today, Miss Mazzone will be adding a letter to this page with an 'All about me' task for the children to complete for her. Please look out for this and send it back to her email once complete.     

Finally I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday. You deserve a well-earned break!

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Botterill


Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Hello! Can you believe it's only two weeks until the end of what's been a very strange term! It has whizzed by. Please keep going though - you have been doing so well with your Home Learning, so you're not allowed to give up now! Please make sure you keep reading and practising your phonics. Reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and is the gateway into everything. Try out the fun links on the task pages:) Remember to keep in touch and drop me a line at

Here are this week's learning links:

Day 1 Task Sheet 

er phonics         er word search

Compound word search

Lock-down Reflection

Day 2 Task Sheet

ow phoneme spotter story      ow and ou activities

Shabbat sequencing     Shabbat word search

Day 3 Task Sheet

 ai graphemes    ai decoder

Storyboard templates              High frequency words

Thinking together           Arrays - identifying the grouping

Online safety quiz        Family online rules


Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Year 1! Welcome to a new week. I hope everyone managed to have fun in the sun last week:) Lots of you kept cool by splashing around in your paddling pools! Love it!

This weeks links are all  PDFs which should make it easier for you to see on different devices, especially tablets and iPads. Please keep me up-to-date with your all Home Learning; whatever form it is taking. I love to see what you have been up to!    Contact me at

Here are this week's learning links:

Day 1 Task Sheet

o-e words    o-e spelling game

Adding s and es word search

Money PowerPoint

Letting Go and Future Plans

Day 2 Task Sheet

Read at speed u-e words

Small ten frames

Place value

Day 3 Task Sheet 

aw word cards

aw root words ending in ing

multi syllabic aw words

Place Value and Money  Choose your pages.   Includes answers.


Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Year 1! It has been so wonderful to welcome lots of the children back to school again this last week into our small safe Blisworth Bubbles:)  They have adapted amazingly well:)

I'm also so pleased to be able to spend some time with you all in September, before you move up to Year 2 with Miss Mazzone:) 

As always thank you so so much for your emails, updates and photos. Please keep them coming to  If you have any questions or queries then do please drop me a line too. Have a great weekend!

Here are this week's learning links:

Day 1 Task Sheet

ear phonics    Set 3 sound ear

Aeroplane lined paper    Hot air balloon lined pages

Summer term spelling list        un word search

Maths Number Bonds 1       Maths Number Bonds 2      (Please ignore the dates on these)          One Big Triangle

Bee Here! Now! story

Day 2 Task Sheet

Real and nonsense flashcards    Colour by phoneme

Bridging across ten

History of Flight Timeline

Top Tips for Tackling Sleep

Day 3 Task Sheet

oi and oy    oi and oy word search    oi and oy words to read

Problem Solving with Balloons

High frequency word mat         Blue Balloon word mat


Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020

Hello! Thank you so much to everyone for continuing to send me photos and updates. Please keep them coming! I love hearing about and seeing what the children have been doing. Keep in touch at

Here are the new week's learning links:

Day 1 Task Sheet

Alternative pronunciation game     

Spelling list    air are word search

Ladybird Doubles PowerPoint     Doubles to 10 and 20     Doubles word problems

Information leaflet trifold template

Day 2 Task Sheet

ay, a-e, ai cut and stick sorting game

Paper airplane diagrams    Instructions writing template

Halving amounts    Halving word problems

Kindness to yourself

Day 3 Task Sheet

oa, o-e, ow word search

The Wright Brothers reading comprehension

Doubling and Halving Booklet    Doubling and halving word problems

Emotions pictures


Week beginning Monday 8th June 2020

Hello and welcome to a new week. We had a very good start with the children returning to school last week and it was so lovely to be with them again :)

Our new topic this term is Flight - Up , up and away..! We're going to be learning about famous aviators, the first flight, weather, hot air balloons, making paper aeroplanes and kites. I've included here a project sheet to help get you started. 

Flight - up, up and away...!

Here are this weeks' learning links:

Day 1 Task Sheet

u-e word matching game

Summer term spelling list

Time to the hour

Day 2 Task Sheet

Practise reading or/aw

Telling the Time Half Past    Telling the Time          Half Past    

Writing the Time and Drawing the Time

Day 3 Task Sheet

Practise reading air and are

are word search

Before and After PowerPoint     Step 1 Before and After     Before and After Telling the Time

UK map       Weather Cards       Weekly Weather Reporting Chart    Weather symbols

I have included here some print outs for lined paper, just in case you need it:) 

Lined   Narrow lined    Wide lined


Good Morning Year 1 and welcome to the summer term! I hope you've had a lovely half-term holiday. 

Now that school has re-opened and some children are back at school, Home Learning will be set once a week on a Friday, for the following week. The  tasks set are intended to take the week to complete, but remember, you do not have to complete all the activities and you may wish to adapt them to suit the needs of your child/ren (some days they learn better than others!) Some of the Phonics, English or Maths tasks will need to be completed in order but this may not always be the case.  

Here are your learning links:

Day 1

str word cards         str roll and read dice game

Spelling lists       Spelling Activity Cards

Maths Activity 1       Maths Activity 2

Fact file template        Martin Luther King Jr reading comprehension

Day 2

spr word cards      str/spr blend postcard    

Counting in 5s

Push or Pull Toy Sort       Pushing and Pulling Forces      Push or Pull board game

Day 3

scr word cards       scr word mat

Who is Buzz Aldrin

George the sun safe superstar   Spot the difference

Relaxation activities

Bird Box Update! NEW It's all been happening with the Blue-Tits!

Can I just say - Year 1 you are brilliant! These are such unprecedented times and you are dealing with it so well and you have been trying so hard with your learning too, which you show me through your emails and photos your parents send me. It is the highlight of my day so please keep them coming! I shall still be checking my emails so please stay in touch at: 

Parents thank you so much too! Without you, this learning would not be happening. Thank you so much for your continuing support, I can't tell you how much it is appreciated.


Friday 22nd May 

It's funtastic Friday! It's also the last day of this term. I hope you all have a lovely half term break next week. Take care and stay safe.

Here are today's learning links:

Storytelling game

Storyboard template

Storytelling writing checklist

Fairy-tale storyboard prompt

Storytelling word mat

George the sun safe superstar       Sun safe colouring

Coping Calendar


Wednesday 20th May

Hello and welcome to wonderful Wednesday! It's going to be another warm day today so 'slip on a t-shirt, slap on a hat and slop on some sun-cream!'

Here are today's learning links:

Town and Country PowerPoint

Town and Country sorting activity

Town and Country where does it belong?

Distraction Activities

Spring Mindfulness colouring

Mindfulness bookmarks

Mindfulness plant pot cover

Please email me if you haven't already!

Take care and stay safe



Monday 18th May

Good Morning Year 1! Marvellous Monday has come around again and we begin another brand new week of learning. 

Here are today's learning links:

The Enormous Turnip reading comprehension

Spelling Bee list

Spelling Activity Cards

Year 1 Maths/English pack

Guidance and Answers

Practical Ideas

Blank 10x10 square

Remember to send me photos of your learning to 


Friday 15th May

Can you believe it, it's Funtastic Friday again already! As always please drop me a line at 

Here are today's learning links:

ure words     ure word search      ear words    ear word and picture match

The Billy Goats Gruff (TBGG) reading comprehension

TBGG Storyboard template    TBGG build sentences    TBGG stick puppets    TBGG   small world characters

Terrific Trees PowerPoint    Tree Hunt    Sorting Cards

Fluent in 5 Week 5     Fluent in 5 Week 6

Ways to feel better

Bird Box Update - coming soon!

Have a wonderful weekend :) 


Wednesday 13th May

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday! Thank you again for sending me your emails and photos - I love hearing from you! If you haven't been in touch since last week please drop me a line at      even if it's just to say a very quick hello and all is well :) 

Here are today's learning links:

Re -read The Billy Goats Gruff

How to write a good story checklist

Story maps pack

Sequence TBGG     Pictures TBGG

Story sequencing

2020 Time Capsule

Did you see the Bird Box Update from Monday?! Do check it out if you haven't!

Take care and stay safe.


Monday 11th May 

Welcome to another marvellous Monday! I hope you had a brilliant bank holiday weekend. If you celebrated VE Day I would love to know what you did,

so please send any photos to 

Here are today's learning links:

air and are

The Three Billy Goat's Gruff

Spelling Bee lists 1-4     High frequency words

PowerPoint Count in 10s     Step 1 puzzles      Step 2 puzzles   Answers included

Stay Connected

Remember to keep in touch at 

BIRD BOX UPDATE! For speed, go to slide 14


Thursday 7th May

Good morning and welcome to Friday's post which is really Thursday! We've brought it forward because of the VE Day Bank Holiday.

Here  are today's learning links:

Hansel and Gretel e-book

Choose to do one of these:  Hansel and Gretel sequencing     Compare the characters    Question sheet    Storyboard templates

High frequency words

Parts of a flower PowerPoint     Flowering plant cut outs     Parts of a Plant     Optional:   Plants and Flowers hunt         Plant mindfulness colouring

Fluent in 5 - Week 3     Fluent in 5 - Week 4

VE Day at home     Bunting     VE day word search

Have a great bank holiday weekend!  Take care and stay safe.


Wednesday 6th May 

Hello and welcome to wonderful Wednesday! The weather is warming up again so remember to stay safe in the sun. 

Here are today's learning links:

Tricky word search  cious

Phoneme spotter sentences cious/tious

cious/tious word endings

VE Day PowerPoint       VE Day reading quiz

Fluent in 5 - Week 1        Fluent in 5 - Week 2

VE Day bunting

Spitfire glider

Thank you key workers colouring

Remember - Be kind... to others and especially to yourselves. You are doing an amazing job :) 


Monday 4th May

Good morning and welcome to marvellous Monday! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, so it looks like it going to be another beautiful day!

Here are today's learning links:

ie flashcards

ie, igh, i-e and y word search

Settings PowerPoint

Top of the Beanstalk settings

Remember to keep sending me photos of your learning to 

Thank you so much to everyone who is keeping in touch - I can't tell you how great it is to hear from you :)


Friday 1st May

Hello!  Funtastic Friday is here again. To round off the week here are today's learning links:  

The Three Little Pigs -  story map and word mat   (If you've done this one already please choose another)

Jack and the Beanstalk - story map and word mat

Little Red Riding Hood - story map and word mat

Fractions PowerPoint      Step 1 puzzles      Step 2 puzzles

If you haven't been in touch this week, please do so at      A quick message is all I need just to know you're staying safe and well.


Wednesday 29th April

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday! We're half way through another week; Here's some new links -  so let's take a peak!

Fairy tale mindfulness

Bird Box update! Click on Slide Show (at the top) and use the arrow keys to tap down to the latest photos from inside the bird box.


Monday 27th April

I hope you had a great weekend. Welcome to the start of another new week. 

You have been working so hard so there are no extra links today - everything is on the dated document above!

Please drop me a line regularly so I know how you are - it's always great to see and hear how you've been getting on.

Bird Box update! 


Friday 24th April 

Good morning! It's funtastic Friday! 

BBC Bitesize have some brilliant new resources for Home Learning - we're using one of them today for our Geography Challenge, so see what you think.

If you haven't been in touch yet this week, please drop me a quick line at  to let me know how you are.

Here are today's learning links:

ea real and alien flashcards         

ea colour by phoneme

ea short vowel word search

oi or oy

PowerPoint on halves

Finding halves       Colouring in half 1         Colouring in half 2

Labelling UK

Feelings Chart

Feelings Diary

Bird Box update coming soon!


Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Year 1! How are you? Remember to let me know how you're getting on by sending me a message at  

Thank you so much to everyone for keeping in touch - you are doing an amazing job!

Here are today's learning links; please pick and choose from the different challenges:

Roll and read game

u-e word search

Alternative spellings ew, ue, u-e

St George's Day PowerPoint

St George reading comprehension

Spelling Bee lists

St George and the Dragon word mat

St George and the dragon writing challenges

The Mystery of the Missing Sword

Tens frame

Dragon colouring       Mindfulness dragon colouring

By the way -