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Essential Maths Lesson design at Blisworth Primary School


We have adopted a new scheme- Essential Maths which has been used successfully in other schools. It is an evidence-based curriculum. The scheme includes a range of planning and resource ideas for each year group (with clear links to the National Curriculum) and also comes with a Teaching and Learning Advisor (TLA) to support and challenge in equal measure. After the first visit, it is clear that the scheme is already having an impact. Through pupil voice, children are enjoying Maths and feeling challenged. The teachers are using the learning sequences effectively to plan and design lessons that motivate and engage the children throughout. Through observations and book looks, there is clear progression throughout all year groups and Maths has in turn, got a higher profile in the school.


At our school our lesson design is based on the following principles (of teaching for mastery):

  • To raise the attainment and progress of the children within Maths.
  • To have a consistent approach to planning, teaching and learning of Maths.
  • To develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • To develop staff professionally.
  • To raise the children’s sense of achievement, enjoyment and resilience in Maths (ultimate goal)


Our lesson design process is listed below:

  • Teachers generate a weekly learning journey where the learning is in small steps
  • Include WALT and success criteria which explains to the children how they can achieve the learning.
  • Within the lesson we would expect to see an element of recapping or pre-teaching, elements of mastery questioning, a clear input with effective modelling (including addressing misconceptions), speaking frames when necessary to scaffold children’s responses, time for pupil practise, times tables for fluency and challenge.
  • It is a fluid document that is adaptable to suit the learning needs of the children.


When planning our lesson design we ask ourselves the following:

  • What do the children know already?
  • What are the next steps in learning?
  • What might they find tricky?
  • What mastery questions could I ask?
  • What opportunities are there for CPA?
  • What connections can be made between the different areas of maths?
  • What challenge can we provide for the children?


Teaching is guided by the calcualtion policy

Maths overview: year 1 year2 year3 year 4 year 5 year 6