Courteenhall Road, Blisworth, Northampton, NN7 3DD

Blisworth Community Primary School

Be the Best You Can Be

We will soon be offering tours on a Saturday for parents applying for 2021 reception school places. Please call the office on 01604 858414 or email for more information.

Miss Warren<br>Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Miss Warren
Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Mrs Aliwell<br>Teacher
Mrs Aliwell
Mrs Bird<br>Teacher
Mrs Bird
Mrs Lyman-Clarke<br>Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyman-Clarke
Lead Teaching Assistant
Mr Elliott<br>Teaching Assistant and Sport
Mr Elliott
Teaching Assistant and Sport
Mrs Clarke<br>Lunchtime Supervior
Mrs Clarke
Lunchtime Supervior
Mr De Rozarieux<br>KSD Lunches
Mr De Rozarieux
KSD Lunches
Miss Mazzone <br>Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Miss Mazzone
Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Mrs Preston<br>SENCo, SLT, Deputy DSL
Mrs Preston
SENCo, SLT, Deputy DSL
Miss Rees<br>Teacher
Miss Rees
Miss Bick<br>Teacher
Miss Bick
Mrs Cooke<br>Bursar
Mrs Cooke
Mrs Redding<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Redding
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Edwards<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Edwards
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rayner<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rayner
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dunkley<br>Site Supervisor
Mrs Dunkley
Site Supervisor
Mrs Howard<br>Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Howard
Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Botterill<br>Teacher
Mrs Botterill
Mrs Law<br>Teacher
Mrs Law
Mrs Stocker<br>Office Staff
Mrs Stocker
Office Staff
Miss Wilcox<br>Teaching Assistant
Miss Wilcox
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Paxton<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Paxton
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Smith<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Smith
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs De Rozarieux
Mrs De Rozarieux