Courteenhall Road, Blisworth, Northampton, NN7 3DD

Blisworth Community Primary School

Be the Best You Can Be

We are now offering tours on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for parents applying for 2021 reception school places. Please call the office on 01604 858414 or email for more information. New website coming soon...please bear with us.



Miss Jenkins - Headteacher

Picture coming soon!!

Miss Warren<br>Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Miss Warren
Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Mrs Aliwell<br>Teacher
Mrs Aliwell
Mrs Bird<br>Teacher
Mrs Bird
Mrs Lyman-Clarke<br>Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyman-Clarke
Lead Teaching Assistant
Mr Elliott<br>Teaching Assistant and Sport
Mr Elliott
Teaching Assistant and Sport
Mrs Clarke<br>Lunchtime Supervior
Mrs Clarke
Lunchtime Supervior
Mr De Rozarieux<br>KSD Lunches
Mr De Rozarieux
KSD Lunches
Miss Mazzone <br>Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Miss Mazzone
Assistant Head, Deputy DSL
Mrs Preston<br>SENCo, SLT, Deputy DSL
Mrs Preston
SENCo, SLT, Deputy DSL
Miss Rees<br>Teacher
Miss Rees
Miss Bick<br>Teacher
Miss Bick
Mrs Cooke<br>School Business Manager
Mrs Cooke
School Business Manager
Mrs Redding<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Redding
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Edwards<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Edwards
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rayner<br>Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rayner
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dunkley<br>Site Supervisor
Mrs Dunkley
Site Supervisor
Mrs Howard<br>Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Howard
Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Botterill<br>Teacher
Mrs Botterill
Mrs Law<br>Teacher
Mrs Law
Mrs Stocker<br>Office Staff
Mrs Stocker
Office Staff
Miss Wilcox<br>Teaching Assistant
Miss Wilcox
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Paxton<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Paxton
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Smith<br>Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Smith
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs De Rozarieux
Mrs De Rozarieux